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Their terrific team completed the garden maintenance tasks I set them to a high standard. It was just what I expected from such a company.

  • E. Middlebank

Great team who I will gladly use again. I'd recommend GardenersBarnet to anyone who needs top-notch gardeners.

  • Jennifer Pratt

I have been using this landscaping service for quite some time now. I have no reason to make a switch. They are very good at what they do and cost less than most others in the area.

  • Bonnie Elkins

Great gardening services at competitive prices. What more could a person want from a local gardening company? Love what Landscaping Companies Barnet are all about and will certainly continue using them in the future.

  • H. Pavey

The lawn care team knew just what to do with my tired, dishevelled, patchy lawn. They rectified the situation quickly and gave me some top tips in the process. That's just the kind of company Gardeners Barnet are.

  • Ruari C.

It was excellent work completed by their gardeners with great professionalism and tidiness. I'm pleased with everything that took place with Landscaping Companies Barnet.

  • K. Bright

The garden design job was completed exactly as planned. Everything went swimmingly and I didn't have to worry about a thing. GardenersBarnet keep their promises. It's something I've greatly appreciated about their company.

  • A. Jones

Gardening Company Barnet offers the best gardening services I've ever had. Gardeners were polite, timely and neat. Cost was within my budget!

  • Jake V.

After the garden maintenance service I experienced from Gardening Company Barnet I have no problem recommending their team to anyone and everyone in need. For professional gardening services, definitely call this company!

  • Boris C.

I picked Gardening Company Barnet for my lawn planting because they had the best reviews of all local gardening companies near me. They gave me a really good price quote and after the service I was happy to see no hidden fees. The work itself was done very quickly but was still thorough. My lawn is looking immaculate and I couldn't be more thankful!

  • Nick

My yard was a total disaster with a large number of weeds covering the entire area and it needed to be cleared as soon as possible. Thanks to the effort taken by the crew of Landscaping Companies Barnet, all the weeds were removed and my yard now looks great. It has been a wonderful experience and the price was also reasonable. Excellent garden clearance! Looking forward to working with you guys!

  • Rafael L.

Garden Designers Barnet truly are a team of gardening experts who offer the best possible advice for your individual situation. We weren't sure how to proceed with certain things in our garden (dead patches on the lawn etc.) and the advice they offered us was impeccable. They've since carried out the work and we are blown away with the results... and have even become the envy of all our neighbours!

  • Terry Jones

Having my hedge cutting done by Gardeners Barnet is an excellent way to save time! I didn't have the right tools or the spare time to get the job done, and this company really helped me out so much. The results are fantastic and I've been making the most of my garden now it looks so good!

  • Eileen E.

I used to keep my garden looking beautiful and tidy. I sat outside a lot and read in my garden because I loved it. But as time went on, I found myself doing less gardening and work started taking over. In the end, I barely spent any time in my garden or on my garden and it started looking really overgrown and unruly. Eventually, I hired Garden Designers Barnet for a professional garden clean up and I could not believe the results. They made my garden look great again and so much tidier. I was very pleased.

  • Hannah White

I understand that finding a decent team of gardening professionals is frightening and seems like such a big job because I felt like that too. But then I found Gardeners Barnet and they made the whole job seem simple and hassle free. They were always on time and offered prices that were hard to beat. They are well worth the money!

  • Eric Johnston

Landscaping Companies Barnet were brilliant when we needed a diseased tree removed. The tree cutting experts advised us on cutting it back and to examine it again later. They didn't want to completely remove it first as they thought it would help cutting the dead branches off and promote fresh growth. I appreciated their advice and the tree is looking so much better now!

  • Eileen Knight

Garden Designers Barnet blend together hard work, creativity, skill and professionalism into one great concoction and unleash the lot when they're called out to do a gardening job. It seems as if they enjoy their work as they're always smiling, cheerful and in great spirits. On the many occasions I've used them, they've done a number of excellent jobs in my garden and I'm delighted to give them my recommendation and praise their services to others.

  • Asha Clyde

I had a tree on my property that had to be removed. It was unhealthy and posed a risk to the rest of my garden. I needed the removal of this tree handled properly so I immediately got in touch with Gardening Company Barnet. They are able to send expert staff with years of experience in tree surgery to handle the job and they are the people I always call ever since. A had the tree safely removed a few days later, so the rest of my garden is secure. I am always impressed with the staff and the results so I will continue to use their services.

  • Isa Di Lazzaro

Weeds have always been a concern. Gardeners Barnet's weed control has been proven efficient and effective since day one. The team also offered us with some garden tidy up tips. They are an efficient team who always taken your opinions into consideration. Their professional approach and expertise have impressed our family. We have now renewed our contract with them for the next 24 months.

  • Rebecca T.

The services provided by Gardeners Barnet really are great value and top notch in terms of quality. I hired a patio cleaning and planting service. Their gardeners turned up at the agreed time and got to work right away. There was no faffing about, and all the work was completed quickly and efficiently. All in all a brilliant service!

  • Martin

We always seem to have really harsh weather over winter that leaves our garden looking ravaged! Luckily GardenersBarnet are always on hand to provide us with a reliable and cheap service for garden clearance. Within hours everything is restored to its former glory!

  • Nathalie T.

The team at Gardeners Barnet are professional gardeners who give you ample suggestions and ideas before they take on a project. I requested them for a complete revamp of my garden and my front drive. They were clear in their communication from the start to the end and provided me with reasonable quotes for the said work. They also showed me a number of sample designs, as I was undecided in the beginning. I commend their work ethics and the professionalism with which they carried out the work.

  • Charlotte Twigg

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