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  	Awake your garden with the help of our professionals
Awake your garden with the help of our professionals

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The Perfect Solution To Your Gardening Needs In Barnet

n2 lawn and garden care barnetGardeners Barnet specialises in gardening services that are designed to provide only the very best in garden maintenance and landscaping in the entire EN5 region. Our team of friendly professional gardeners are just waiting to come and give you expert advice on creating that dream garden of yours, so wherever you are based in Barnet and the vicinity, just give us a call today. Call one of our teams of experts today on to learn more about the packages we can offer at incredible prices. 

Give Your Front Lawn Its Due Care

Most people spend a lot of time worrying about their back gardens, but what about that front lawn? Don't forget to care and cater for all your garden plants and greenery. We're helping home owners and landlords think about both their front and back gardens to create a brighter and fresher place to be. In Barnet, EN5, we have teams of reliable professionals who specialise in maintenance and landscaping services that can make the impossible possible. If you live within the area, we can offer you great deals on garden clearance, lawn mowing and more.

Avoid The Stress

Gardening needn't be a tiresome and stressful activity. If you want someone else to take care of that overgrown lawn or unwieldy patch of weeds for you, then our team of local Barnet experts are on hand to assist you. We offer highly competitive prices on professional gardeners who can carry out a huge range of services. Clearing your garden up shouldn't become a stressful issue; let us take care of it for you.

Tackle The Season Changes

en5 designer gardens barnetSeasonal weather in Barnet can strike all sorts of problems on an unsuspecting garden. If the summer months aren't scorching your lawn to a cinder, then the winter is freezing up all those beautiful roses you planted only last year. We're offering a wide range of practical and affordable gardening services to help take care of the damage that a year of weather can bring. We can render regular garden maintenance and lawn care sessions throughout the year. Let us know what schedule works for you and we'll do our utmost to work with your time table. Our teams of local EN5 experts are always available to give helpful advice on the best options for your garden. 

A Beautiful Garden Need Not Cost The Earth

Looking for reliable gardening at incredible and affordable prices? Based in the EN5 area and want some local expert gardeners on hand to make your ideal garden come to life before your eyes? Search no further. We're working hard to bring the very best in maintenance services in the area. We're providing the best range of garden clean up options available and all at highly competitive prices. We've got the most comprehensive selection of specialists in the region, and you can simply talk to some of them by calling us on

Reliable Solutions

Whether you want only a little bit of attention or an entire overhaul for your garden, Gardeners Barnet are here to help you with your gardening. However small or big the task, we are guaranteed to have a skilful and experienced person to come and have a look. We offer tailored and personal garden care packages. Our experts can discuss your personal needs and give you an honest yet competitive quote.  We don't ever shy away from the small or the big jobs, it's as simple as that. Get in touch today on , and our dedicated team will give you suitable ideas and quotes.

testimonials - what customers say

Gardening Company Barnet offers the best gardening services I've ever had. Gardeners were polite, timely and neat. Cost was within my budget!    
Jake V.
After the garden maintenance service I experienced from Gardening Company Barnet I have no problem recommending their team to anyone and everyone in need. For professional gardening services, definitely call this company!    
Boris C.
I picked Gardening Company Barnet for my lawn planting because they had the best reviews of all local gardening companies near me. They gave me a really good price quote and after the service I was happy to see no hidden fees. The work...    
My yard was a total disaster with a large number of weeds covering the entire area and it needed to be cleared as soon as possible. Thanks to the effort taken by the crew of Landscaping Companies Barnet, all the weeds were removed and...    
Rafael L.
Garden Designers Barnet truly are a team of gardening experts who offer the best possible advice for your individual situation. We weren't sure how to proceed with certain things in our garden (dead patches on the lawn etc.) and the...    
Terry Jones
Having my hedge cutting done by Gardeners Barnet is an excellent way to save time! I didn't have the right tools or the spare time to get the job done, and this company really helped me out so much. The results are fantastic and I've...    
Eileen E.
I used to keep my garden looking beautiful and tidy. I sat outside a lot and read in my garden because I loved it. But as time went on, I found myself doing less gardening and work started taking over. In the end, I barely spent any time...    
Hannah White
I understand that finding a decent team of gardening professionals is frightening and seems like such a big job because I felt like that too. But then I found Gardeners Barnet and they made the whole job seem simple and hassle free....    
Eric Johnston
Landscaping Companies Barnet were brilliant when we needed a diseased tree removed. The tree cutting experts advised us on cutting it back and to examine it again later. They didn't want to completely remove it first as they thought it...    
Eileen Knight
Garden Designers Barnet blend together hard work, creativity, skill and professionalism into one great concoction and unleash the lot when they're called out to do a gardening job. It seems as if they enjoy their work as they're always...    
Asha Clyde

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